A family-owned and operated provider of environmentally conscious lawn beautification and maintenance services located in Cumberland, Rhode Island since 1990. Our dedication to providing premium service and unmatched attention to your lawn's every detail separates us from other lawn care providers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Our Services

Customized care programs tailored to your lawn

GRASSROOTS/NE Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs are individually created following a personalized analysis of your lawn scape and lifestyle–and all guarantee a minimal use of pesticides without sacrificing outstanding results. All IPM programs include:


  • Child and pet friendly lawn treatments
  • Pesticides ONLY when and where needed
  • FREE service calls
  • A GRASSROOTS/NE Healthy Lawn Guarantee
Your personalized IPM program is unique to you and your lawn care needs. Here are some of the treatments that may be prescribed based on our evaluation:

Dolomitic Limestone Treatment

Applied early Spring

Controlled lime applications to the lawn correct soil pH balance neutralizing acidity and restoring depleted nutrients. The result is strong root growth for long-lasting beauty and endurance while protecting the lawn from damage caused by heat, drought, or traffic stress.

Lawn Fertilization Applications

5 applications throughout growing season

All-natural, balanced fertilizers introduce time-released nutrients feeding grass plants the natural way–through the root system. A thick, strong turf is the result.

Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control

Applied late Spring, early Summer

Crabgrass control management prevents young seedlings from sprouting at the start of the season. Our lawn care specialists use carefully timed treatments before germination, keeping your lawn free of crabgrass without injuring your established turf.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Applied as needed throughout the growing season

Periodic treatments for broadleaf weeds control Dandelions, Violet, Creeping Charlie, and a host of other nuisance species.

Preventive Grub Control

Applied early to mid-summer, before new grubs hatch

• Grubs feed on the grass root systems and destroy a lawn from below the surface. Pests (primarily skunks, raccoons, moles) that feed on grubs also cause extensive surface damage by digging up the lawn in search of food. Enjoy season long turf protection from grubs–guaranteed!

Surface Insect Control

Applied as needed throughout the growing season

During each lawn treatment visit, our team will monitor for signs of surface insects and recommend targeted insect management treatments or preventative solutions as needed.

Applications & Services Available to Complement our IPM Program Include:



Disease Control

Ornamental Bed Weed Control

Tick Control







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